Self confidence or self worth gives us the assuredness to face challenges and opportunities in life with out fear of being seen as not meeting the expectations of others. it also helps us understand that each of us has positive and negative aspects to our personalities but by focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses we can achieve confidence in all we attempt.

If someone were to ask you what is self-confidence how easy would you find it to explain what the phrase means to you? Is it being liked by other people, or liking other people? Is it about not being afraid in social situations? Is it about being comfortable with who or where we are in life? Or is it that as someone once said to me, ” being happy is about liking yourself”. Self-confidence will mean different things to different people, the one common factor would probably be that lacking in self-confidence is a very uncomfortable place to be. If the lack of self-confidence is making it difficult for you to do the things that you would like to feel able to do then perhaps the opportunity to explore the problem with someone who is not going to judge you in any way may be the first step you need to set you on the path to being truly happy with who and what you are.