Relationship Problems

Counselling for small groups or couples where there are unresolved difficulties in the relationships. Informal opportunities to explore the root causes of the problems and to understand the way they affect each member of the relationship in a confidential non judgemental environment.

Our lives are made up of relationships with many different people; we have working, personal and social relationships. hopefully, most of these relationships will provide pleasure and support for all parties involved in them. Just occasionally situations will occur that lead to problems or even breakdown in one or other of these important relationships in our lives and we may struggle to understand the reasons for the difficulties. Counselling can provide the opportunity to explore in a safe environment the challenges which we are experiencing in relationships and to better understand where there may be trigger points for both ourself and those we interact with that lead to unhappy or unsuccessful situations. This in turn can lead to learning ways to interrelate with others that are more rewarding both for us and those we relate to.