Family counselling

Having the opportunity for each member of a family in crisis to be heard by all the other members can help the whole family begin to understand the effects of individual behaviours or actions on other members. Sometimes it is possible to work towards a resolution of the challenges as a whole group. Sometimes initial sessions will identify needs of an individual family member that would be best dealt with on an individual basis. But it should certainly give the opportunity for each member of the family to feel valued and heard.

If two people in a relationship can create challenges on occasion; imagine the possibilities for confusion, lack of consideration and loss of fulfilment that can develop within a family relationship. Sometimes the sheer complexity of the different dynamics that can develop within a family of three, four, five or more may seem to have become insurmountable. It can even be that there are cross-generational conflicts involving parents, siblings, grandparents or even aunts and uncles. When a number of voices are striving to have their needs met the noise can either become so deafening or the silences so profound that families reach an impasse where no one is being heard. Maybe being able to sit together in a room being listened to by an impartial but interested arbiter might be what is needed to begin to unravel the puzzle of how to be happy together.