Wouldn’t it be lovely if the plants in the garden were always in full bloom and smelling lovely? But beautiful gardens need lots of love, care and attention. Being in a close and committed relationship with another person is very much like growing a garden, both need care and constant attention. Problems in our relationship with a partner can occur for any manner of reasons which can include personal, social or work related issues. When a relationship hits difficulties we often loose the ability to communicate in the ways that we have used in happier times. Counselling can give each partner in the relationship an opportunity to be heard without being interrupted or opposed. It can allow each person within it the opportunity to explore what has made it a fulfilling relationship alongside what has got in the way of that fulfilment. Many times it can allow the partners in the relationship to regrow the relationship that they feel has been lost. Sometimes however it may be that the relationship has run its course and then counselling can help both partners to accept that it is right to move on and to work towards doing that in as constructive a way as possible.